How To Prepare For Learning Japanese

At first, there may be uneasiness, as often people wonder if they will be able to speak a new language, and feel uncomfortable saying only simple phrases. However you too will be able to speak Japanese well if you continue studying. It takes time to master languages. The effect does not appear easily, so do not give up soon. If you keep the following routine, your Japanese will improve more quickly.

A) It is not enough to study in a class. You should study every day, even if it is only 10 minutes.

It is necessary to have preparation and review. Especially reviewing is important.

Listen to the tapes and read the textbook in the train or bus.

Put the verb list, and useful expressions on the wall of your bathroom and / or bedroom.

When you do not understand something, always ask. Do not pretend to understand.

It is a good idea to bring a tape recorder and record the lesson.

When you see a Japanese person, you should try to speak to them in Japanese.

Go to the places where Japanese gather.

The way to master languages is to repeatedly understand and then get used to new material as you learn it. It is important to continue studying without neglect.

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