Our Original Teaching Methods Have Been Developed Over 20 Years
 1 LISTENING  Listen to the teacher and the tapes.
 2 UNERSTANDING  Translate the Japanese into English.
 3 COPYING  Pronounce the Japanese.
 4 REPEATING  Repeat it over and over.
 5 USING  Use the Japanese you have learnt.
 6 CHANGING  Substitute the words in the expressions.
 7 SPEAKING  Speak Japanese as Japanese people do.

We have made what we call " The 14 representative verbs", and "the 4 basic forms of verbs", to help you master verb usage. Once you know how to use "the 14 representative verbs", you will be able to use every other Japanese verbs.

This is the original method of WJLC, which you can not find at other schools. Our material and curriculum are made in accordance with this method. If you follow this method, you will feel your Japanese improving rapidly.

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